APRIL 5      7:00 PM






By directive from MBS Parish and the Governor's Office, this concert is cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19 


About The Evening


A Note From Michael

When we first set out to do a "Passion" show, a couple of things were uncompromisable in the production planning. To begin, the arrest and subsequent crucifixion of Jesus as a subject of the Roman Empire is a well-documented historical event and should be treated as such. Our wonderful co-writer, Amy Geeding went to great lengths to ensure the historical accuracy of our script while creating a scripturally-based account of Holy Thursday evening through Good Friday afternoon in one well-paced narrative.

We also felt very strongly that our script 'wouldn't hold back' in telling the story of Jesus Crucifixion for what it was— a grisly murder both religiously and politically motivated, carried out over several hours according to Roman law before the Jewish Sabbath and Passover rituals of the following day. 

Personally, when I think of the Christ's Passion, several major pieces come to 

mind— The garden, a scourging, and the long road to Golgotha upon which He fell three times before eventually being crucified and perishing on a cross. After 2,000 years, in light of the Resurrection, it's easy to forget that Jesus was also a man with fears and temptations who was humiliated in front of his closest friends and family before succumbing to exhaustion and the wounds of Roman crucifixion. We have tried our best to portray these events through the eyes of Jesus, his captors, and his friends and family who often were just steps away unable to help their bloodied friend and companion.


I'm proud to have Amy's script read for the third year by Jeff Blackwell, with lighting we hope will draw you into the story. My job as a musician is to provide my own musical reflection on what Jeff reads throughout the evening. Putting together performances has always carried two major responsibilities for me— being entertaining and also evoking emotion from the audience. If you go home from one of my concerts tapping your foot, great. If you go home a little bit changed, feeling something new, I've done my job. 

I hope to see you there, and wish you and your family a wonderful Easter season!



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